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Meet our Holmer Court Care Home team

Juraj Vitalis
Activities Co-ordinator

For me being an Activity Co-ordinator is about the little things more than the big. The moments in the day when you feel you have made a difference to people’s life. This might be a conversation where I am told: “You brighten up my day, you are a ray of sunshine, oh good a pink lady they are the ones who can do anything, I know I can tell you as I trust you and you will help me, you know you are my favourite, I love you”. It might just be a smile, a good morning where for that moment I am a face of comfort. I am a friend, a family member different to each person but always a person they know and trust. A face of love and contentment that makes my job worthwhile. The time and effort I put into getting to know each Resident individually so that I become familiar and loved. Seeing a Resident do something unfamiliar to them such as dance, sing, talk, walk, little milestones that reward me for the input I put in. It is not just a job it is an extended family that includes the staff. They are my support bubble, and we are there for each other for the good times and bad. Building relationships with the families is also very rewarding being the stop gap to be an ear for any concerns they may have and making them feel welcome into the home. We rally together in times of need and ultimately do our roles to achieve the best possible life for everyone.

Liz Long

Since joining Holmer court I have been able to strengthen my cooking abilities and gain the knowledge needed in a professional kitchen. I really enjoy the care home atmosphere as I have been able to form a personal connection to each resident and learn their likes and dislikes. Mostly dealing with dementia residents the routine of food gives a tremendous impact to their day. I gain joy from being a part of that routine and helping to brighten the mood through the act of food. We throw special days and themed events in order to keep excitement and moral in the home high, which allows me creative freedom and chance to introduce new foods into their diet.

Liz Long
Head Housekeeper

I have worked at Holmer Court for 8 years. I enjoy my job so much because we are all like one big family. The residents are so lovely, and they make me smile and I am grateful that I have the pleasure to work with them in their home.

Liz Long
Receptionist / PA

I joined Holmer Court in 2016 on a part time basis as a cook and following support from the Manager, Claire and my colleagues I went to full-time after 12 months.  During this time, I got to know every single resident personally, their likes, dislikes & personalities and the love that is in Holmer Court made me feel like part of a second family. I’m now the Receptionist and PA to Claire and absolutely love it.  Everyone at Holmer Court is amazing and I could not imagine working anywhere else. To be able to be a part of a team providing so much loving care to all our residents makes me feel proud.

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